Great Taste Awards 2018!

The Exclusive product range Simply Greek for Wise Greece received 3 Great Taste Awards!

The company Simply Greek created a range of sauces, spreads and salt mixes, inspired by the traditional flavors of Greece, for a good cause! The profit from the sale of the products is turned into food for people that live under the poverty line.

Three products of this range were honored this year with a Great Taste Award, a competition held in the UK, which is also called “The Oscars of Taste” to emphasize its importance. Five hundred demanding judges and flavor experts are tasting more than 10.000 products through a “blind” process to reward the products that stand out for their flavor and originality!

This year, they gave the Great Taste Award to the Tomato-Soft Cheese-Thyme Sauce, the Oriental Salt and the Spicy Salt from our exclusive product range!


The Judges’ comments were:
Tomato-Soft Cheese-Thyme Sauce: Excellent tomato texture that gives a beautiful intensity and a perfectly balanced flavor, with aftertaste of caramelized onions. A versatile sauce! 
Spicy Salt: There are welcome warm and spicy notes on the nose. Then these warm and spicy elements open up on the palate with some heat. A good and most
useful product.

Oriental Salt: Wonderful color and a scent! It is an aromatic blend of spices, with crisp and fresh flavors, blending together harmoniously. Very enjoyable!


* Simply Greek for Wise Greece product range has received 7 Great Taste Awards and 3 Olymp Taste Awards it total!