Models of Excellence Awards 2015

With honor, we received the Award “Models of Excellence 2015″ by the President of the Greek Republic Mr. Pavlopoulos.

In a heartwarming event, Wise Greece received the award “Models of Excellence 2015”during a ceremony that was held at the Old Parliament Building and where was attended by the President of the Greek Republic, Mr. Prokopis Pavlopoulos.

The contest “Models of Excellence 2015” is organized by the Citizens’ Movement and the Greek Guiding Association. The idea is to provide a showcase for Organisations and Associations offering a positive social role model, through their work in the community, providing examples to be emulated in the creation of new initiatives in community work.
All these Organizations are not yet widely known, but they offer voluntary quality work and serve as role models for the society and specially for the younger generation. This year, they awarded seven very valuable N.G.O.s & N.P.O.s, among them Wise Greece, which was introduced by Mrs. Lida Kontogianni, General Director of Greek Corporate Governance Council.

“We are honored to receive this award and we would like to thank all our fellow travelers: the Volunteers, the Producers, the Partners and all those who believed that we can make more people smile with great effort and good will!”





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