Wise Greece receives the Innovative Fundraising Award!

Yet another significant award that we received with pride.

Throughout the years and in order to maximize our social impact, we have been working with Organizations and Companies, implementing important projects. One of them, the “0.01 € makes a difference” project, received the Innovative Fundraising Award, organized by the Bodossaki Foundation, Social Dynamo, the British Council and the Vodafone Foundation.
Throughout this project, we want to share with both companies and consumers that even a “humble” 0.01€ can improve the lives of many people when there is a common goal and good management.

The judges expressed their satisfaction for the excellent “multiplier effect” of the project model, which maximizes the positive social impact on many levels, noting also that the initiative sends an inspired message to the society that it is possible to make a difference. (Learn more)

We wish to thank the Organizers for this important award, as well as the companies ELTA Courier and Domino’s Pizza who believed in this idea from the very beginning and implemented the project as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility.