Wise Greece was awarded by the United Nations and the World Bank!

An important distinction for Greece.

Melina Taprantzi, founder of the non-profit organization Wise Greece, was honored this year with the SDGs and Her award, as one of the 7 women worldwide, whose activity significantly contributes to the achievement of the Global Sustainability Agenda 2030! The highly prestigious prize is awarded by the World Bank and the United Nations and specifically UN Women and UNDP initiatives.

The global SDGs and Her competition showcases the social enterprises that are run by women and support the Sustainable Development Goals for good health, gender equality, food security for vulnerable groups etc, while at the same time managed to demonstrate great resilience and adaptability, as they responded immediately and with great success to the repercussions of COVID-19.


The multiple award-winning social enterprise Wise Greece, supports small Greek food producers to promote their products through its network and converts its profits into food supplies for people living under the poverty line. To date, it cooperates with 100+ small producers, promoting more than 2,500 products and has distributed more than 50 tons of food to Orphanages and Soup Kitchens across the country.

It is worth noting that Wise Greece is the only non-profit organization honored with the SDGs and Her Award, among all European and Central Asia countries, thus reigniting the global interest in Greece, since it is the first time that this prestigious Award is bestowed to a Greek organization!

The Αward highlights the commendable efforts made in Greece, both by women and by the civil society organizations. Finally, the symbolism is special, since the global SDGs and Her Award is bestowed to a Greek organization in a period of a pandemic, where there’s a heightened need for the revival of the morale.

The Prime Minister congratulated Wise Greece! 

Ο Πρωθυπουργός έδωσε τα συγχαρητήριά του στη Wise Greece! Δες εδώ.