Meet Athena from Seven Senses Organics!

Through her love for herbs and the healing powers of Mother Nature, Athena introduces us to her company. Let’s meet her!

Tell us a few words about yourself? How did you start? How did you get involved in the primary sector?

I was born and raised in beautiful Athens, where I studied advertising and marketing. Curious and anxious, with a deep attraction to the arts, I found time to attend European Culture classes at university in parallel with my work and also to get a degree in photography, which until this day expresses my artistic concerns.

I practiced marketing of food and agricultural products in the European Union. It was a unique opportunity to know the legislation, as well as the requirements and peculiarities of foreign markets, distribution channels, food fairs, different cultures, etc.

My life changed dramatically in the middle of my 3rd decade of my life and I found myself close to nature. Since then, as a producer of documentaries and shows, I travel all over Greece, having the opportunity to discover unknown places and hidden precious treasures. However, what always interested me was and is the Greek products, the creativity and the stubbornness of the Greek producers.

As a vegetarian and one who believes in the healing powers of Nature, I have written fascinating stories and myths about the properties of Greek herbs and how Mother Nature provides us with solutions to help detoxify our body.

That was enough for me to decide to combine my professional experience with my love for herbs and nature and to give birth to Seven Senses Organics!

Tell us a few words about the brand. What does it stand for? There is a purpose behind it?

Our company focus on the marketing of organic herbs and herbal mixtures in various forms, promoting them in foreign markets but also on the organization of related events, which aims at acquainting and connecting people through the healing powers of ancient Greek pharmaceutical herbs.

We like to present our company as a multidimensional project with a clear vision, which aims to provide healthy, nutritious, sustainable, organic food, with respect for nature and for the new generation of Greek farmers.

Our herbs are part of our culture and culture includes nature, ethics and the arts. Thus, packaging is an extremely important element in our philosophy. We recorded the wild collection of Greek herbs in an elegant series of refined, timeless design, inspired by the natural colors of the herbs and the golden Greek sun.

Our herbal mixtures are based on the inspiration of Greek tea masters, who created unique flavor combinations that awaken different senses! We honored them with an impressive packaging design that each one represents an animal spirit so that everyone can find what suits them!

How did you get started? What difficulties did you face?

The difficulties are many in the beginning and are coming from the peculiarities of a sensitive product (markings, certifications, correct choice of producers). It also requires a proper study of the market that you are addressing – I started from the American market, which I am most familiar. Also, necessary are the right choice of packaging (design, forecast, import) and finally the most important, the wisest possible financial management of your resources. There are many factors that can disturb your work, your passion, especially in the beginning, but if you firmly believe in your product and above all in your dream, then you treat all these as lessons that make you wiser for your development as an entrepreneur and as human being. I was very lucky because from the beginning I had my people by my side, my colleagues who believed in me, who stood by me and worked with me with the same passion.

Tell us about your products. What makes them different?

We choose organic crops because we respect our land. We support small family owned businesses and work with producers who use completely environmentally friendly practices and natural drying methods.

Without coercion and with absolute respect for the earth, we collect and offer the products that Greek Nature can offer us every season.

Our goal is to offer the aromas, flavors and benefits of Greek herbs, just as we find them in their natural environment.

Tell us about the raw materials?

Our commitment is to provide Organic products, without artificial additives, without flavor enhancers, 100% certified organic, without genetically modified organisms.

Our company’s choice is not to “stockpile” our herbs, and when they are not available, we report that they have run out until the new harvest.

We choose aromatic and medicinal herbs, according to the concept of a holistic approach of Hippocratic philosophy: complete harmony with nature, mind, body and spirit.

Are there any of your products that you stand out?

We are still in the beginning and we have 9 products of herbs and herbal mixtures. I do not stand out any because each has its own special characteristics and its own consumer audience. The codes that have been produced so far and the new products that will be released in a few days, are unique to us and are the result of many hours of work, design and care!

Give us some suggestions for your products (ways of use other than the classics, tips or recipes etc.)

In addition to the classic ways of making hot or cold tea, I like to experiment with different flavors and create completely new blends. Especially now in the summer, afternoon ice tea on the balcony and try the mountain tea with sage with a little ginger or lemon and honey. Unique! I also tried the mountain tea with lavender and its taste is amazing! Now I make my ice tea from the evening, and I take it with me in a thermos for hydration all day at work! What better than a natural, homemade, refreshing herbal blend without harmful sweeteners and preservatives.

Can Greek producers make a difference in the crisis?

Regardless of economic crises, I firmly believe that Greek producers have always and will continue to make a difference. The Greek land is rich and blessed and we must protect it and cultivate it with respect and love.

The new generation of farmers is informed, more innovative and closer to ecology and environmental protection, implementing zero waste policies and avoiding the full use of medicines in agriculture. These are our principles and we choose to work with producers who embrace our philosophy.

Why did you choose to participate and support the Wise Greece Initiative?

The mission of Wise Greece is double.  On the one hand, it helps many small producers and on the other hand, through its social work, it offers food to Institutions, Soup Kitchens, etc., providing meals for people, living under the poverty line.

No title belongs to us unless we have first mastered the title of human being and the meaning of empathy.

Through Wise Greece, I feel that I also contribute to a great social project and I am very proud to belong to this family!