Meet George from ”ELPIDA HELLAS”!

Since the early 80s when the family business began, George brings us to the present day, describing the difficulties and how these were overcome thanks to his family’s love for healthy products! Let’s get to know him…

Tell us a little bit about yourself? How did you get started? How did you come up with the idea to get involved with food?

Everything started in 1982 when my father Doroukas Dimitris, along with my mother Mrs. Konstantina, investing all their savings, took the decision to create a small production and pack legumes and rice in Koufalia, in the prefecture of Thessaloniki. Until today the company is a family affair and with my brother Nikos, we continue the operation of the business marrying tradition with growth.

Tell us a little bit about the brand. What does he stand for? What purpose did you create it for?

In the 1980s, many people made an effort, attempted to create their own business. That’s how it happened with our parents… Behind the ELPIDA brand is the expectation for a better life of the family, always having in the back of the mind the inclusion in this business of all family members… as it eventually happened.

How did you get started? What difficulties did you face?

In the beginning the difficulties were enough. There was no knowledge about products, little private capital, products unknown to consumers, almost non-existent mechanical equipment were some of the problems that our parents had to face in their beginnings. Also, not having the appropriate sales, they had to cope with the operating costs of the business. The hassle is great… But everything was defeated because of their passion for the job, the continuous effort to improve the quality of the products they produced, the support of the customers-partners and mainly because they believed in their dream.

Tell us about your products. What makes them different?

I do not know if our company’s products are different. It might as well be selfish if I were to claim that. But what makes us proud as a family is the fact that all our products come from collaborations with Greek producers (giant beans from Kastoria, plywood beans from Kavala, lentils and chickpeas from the plain of Larissa and of course, all rice varieties from the plain of Thessaloniki and from the rice fields of the prefecture of Serres).

Tell us about the raw materials?

The cooperation with Greek producers was from the beginning a conscious choice since the Greek products have excellent quality, a rich taste and very high nutritional value. Thus, our company, having excellent raw materials, tries to improve the quality of its products, “marrying” experience and tradition with new technologies, offering to the final consumer products of excellent quality from Greek fine varieties, directly from Greek producers, with the care of a modern business.

Are there any of your products that stand out?

As far as whether I would distinguish one of our products, there are two: the giant beans coming from the mountainous villages of Kastoria, where the particular climatic conditions give this product a different, rich flavor, as well as the Carolina rice from the fertile plain of Serres.

Can Greek producers make a difference in the midst of the crisis?

As I mentioned earlier, Greek raw materials have excellent and unquestionable quality. Greek products can be exported, but also acquire added value. The shift to production, I believe, is the only way to get Greece out of the crisis. It’s certainly not easy… nothing is easy and above all, nothing is done on its own. As I have direct contact with Greek producers,  I believe that they should go a step further. They should be constantly updated. The Greek land is rich and has the way and the ability to offer a better living to those who deal healthy and with respect with it.

Why did you choose to participate in and support the Wise Greece Movement?

Wise Greece is a movement that helps people who are in real need. All the companies we work with Wise Greece promote Greek products and at the same time we are given the opportunity to help people in need. Finally, I urge everyone who reads these lines to help Wise Greece grow and progress in order to offer more.