Meet Leonidas from Karageorgou Organic Estates!

Leonidas explains to us how his love and passion for the vineyard turned into high quality wine!


Tell us about you how you got started. How did you come up with the idea to get involved with wine?

My family were farmers cultivators of tobacco and olives . The road to our estates passed through small vineyards , the last ones that had left the almost monoculture of tobacco; Very young I participated in the first vintages with an indeterminate joy. The image and the aromas from the basement of Barba Giannis where we bought wine remained in my memory . When man envisions the future , he delves into his memories in order to be able to compose it . In 1990 when the tobacco with the many medicines and fertilizers run out we plant our first vine we decide to integrate all our Estates in the Organic Farming with the certification of DIOnet.


A few words about the brand. What does he stand for? What purpose did you create it for?

The love for life and the land turned our estates into Organic. The passion for the fine wine creates ”the Traveler” who with his aromas travels us pleasantly. The love and biological care of our land , we hope to be reflected in our products .


How did you get started? What difficulties did you encounter?

In our area when we started there were no more vineyards and therefore there was no knowledge. I spent the first few years with books, visits to other wine-producing regions and acquaintances with wine producers. In winemaking I had the good fortune to work with the experienced oenologist Fanis Dasiotis. With minimal mechanical equipment we created our first wines that were accepted in the local community. This gave us joy and strength to follow up.

Talk to us about the products. What make them different?

Our goal is for our products to highlight the diversity of our country , with the cool breeze that accompanies them all day and its nightly tranquility In this fertile land with the organic raw material we created ”The Traveler” Malagouzia intensely aromatic white dry wine with rich fruity taste and the traveler a variety of rosé dry wine.


Tell us about the raw materials.

Today our vineyards cover 65 acres with the dominant variety being the native Malagouzia and fellow travelers Malvasia perfumed assyrtiko Limnio. The vinification is done exclusively from our own grapes in our fully equipped winery-bottling plant , located next to our vineyards . So the raw material comes for cool processing without suffering.


Are there any products that stand out?

Each new crop is special for us , although it follows the previous one.


Give us some suggestions for the products.

Fine wine does not travel us with its aromas only in a glass. It can even take off a meal by following traditional and non-traditional recipes.

Can Greek producers make a difference in the midst of the crisis?

Those capable of the difficult stand out. Greek producers are capable, using their matchmaking spirit and assimilating the international know-how can make a difference in local and international level.


Why did you choose to support WISE GREEGE?

I believe that supporting the WISE GREECE movement should not and cannot be an option,