Meet Stergios from “Agros of Pindos”

Stergios describes the difficulties when he decided to continue the tradition of his family, but also the way he overcame them! Let’s meet him….

Tell us a little bit about yourself? How did you get started? How did you come up with the idea to get involved with food?
Wanting to continue the tradition of the Tsiarsiotis family, which has been cultivating cereals and legumes since 1989, I made the big decision. With my involvement with the fields, the idea for standardization and processing was born in order to highlight the quality of our products. In 2013, we proceeded to the certification of our organic crops.

Tell us a little bit about the brand. What does he stand for? What purpose did you create it for?
Wanting to emphasize on the location where our quality crops are made, our logo was born and so when in 2015 our new facilities were built according to the specifications provided by ISO 22000:2005 at the 7th km. Grevena – Mick. Sireniou, the company took the name “Agros of Pindos”.

How did you get started? What difficulties did you face?
The basic idea was to continue the tradition of the Tsiarsiotis family. The difficulty was at the beginning when we would have to enter the markets.

Tell us about your products. What makes them different?
Our wheat fields are located at the foot of Pindos, in the prefecture of Grevena in Western Macedonia between the gaps of the oak forests and in combination with the prevailing microclimate, they produce legumes and cereals of superior quality.
All our products are of purely Greek origin. We honor and respect Greek farmers. The raw material will be processed in our facilities. So we are 100% sure of the quality of the result.

Tell us about the raw materials?
As we have already mentioned all our products are of Greek origin. All raw materials will first go through the appropriate strict controls for their quality. Then in our facilities they will be properly processed in order to make the production of our local, pure and Greek products.
In early 2021, we also proceeded to implement a new goal of ours. This is our innovative initiative, which in collaboration with the The University of Western Macedonia carries out organic cultivation of mushrooms by simulating the real external environmental conditions in which wild mushrooms grow, in which wild mushrooms grow.

Are there any of your products that stand out?
We distinguish legumes and especially chickpeas. Every time we proceed to the necessary analyses we are confirmed for their quality.

Give us some suggestions for your products (ways of use except the classics, tips or recipes, etc.)
Infinite ideas, advice and recipes. As long as there is imagination, passion and love for a balanced traditional Mediterranean diet. Salads with legumes, preparations with legume flour, traditional pasta, breakfasts full of energy…

Can Greek producers make a difference in the midst of the crisis?
When there is patience, perseverance and passion, everyone can make a difference in the crisis.

Why did you choose to participate in and support the Wise Greece Movement?
We support the Wise Greece movement because we support Greek farmers and insist on Greek products.