SDGs Coffee Breaks program was launched with great success

Wise Greece has designed and implements the SDGs Coffee Breaks program, with the support of big companies/corporations. The main purpose of the program is to significantly promote the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals, in order to raise awareness in Greece. Moreover, it aims at inspiring participants in regards to the SDGs, as all together, we can be able to contribute to their attainment.

The first SDGs Coffee Breaks

During the last two months, a total of 11 SDGs Coffee Breaks have been held in 4 different companies. Each “SDGs Coffee Break” is virtual and refers to a different Sustainable Development Goal every time. Until this day, we have presented Goal N.8 Decent Work and Economic Growth, Goal N.3 Good Health and Well-being, Goal N.5 Gender Equality, and many more.

Each time, a different employee from each company is chosen to become an SDGs Ambassador, so as to present the respective Sustainable Development Goal. By this, on one hand we get to know and acknowledge the main problems in Greece and in the world that need to be solved, and on the other hand we discover and discuss practical advice on what we can all change in our daily lives for the achievement of each Goal.

The guest speakers

A speaker, who inspires us with his/her action regarding the Sustainable Development Goals, takes over to talk about his/her own journey! Social Entrepreneurs, NGO Founders, Business Executives, etc. have already shared their stories at the first “SDGs Coffee Breaks” we have organized, offering to the participants inspiration and food for thought.

The outcomes

The first “SDGs Coffee Breaks”, were particularly well received, as we had more than 1,900 participations! Companies’ employees implementing the “SDGs Coffee Breaks” program joined the discussion actively and came up with new ideas for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. The most important fact though, is that each and every one discovered that just a half-hour “SDGs Coffee Break”, can change the way they used to see sustainability to date!