We meet Nikoleta and Aspa from Deli Cargo!

Nikoleta and Aspa explain to us that when you are creative and multifaceted, there are many options! Let’s get to know them…

Tell us a little bit about yourself? How did you get started? How did you come up with the idea to get involved with food?
First of all, let’s say that the laboratory was built entirely by us two. We are Aspa and Nikoleta and we had nothing to do with the subject except that we like cooking and dealing with food. With this answer, however, we will prove to you that THERE ARE CHOICES in Greece of the crisis if you are a creative and multifaceted person.

Friends tell us:

-I can’t stand my job… But how should I leave?

-I can’t find a job… And what am I going to do in my life?


Nikoleta has studied forestry with a master’s degree in biology, continuous involvement in sports and work experience in marketing and sales and Aspa has studies in political science, a master’s degree in cultural management, work experience in online marketing and in recent years she has maintained a tavern with her husband.

Many different fields….isn’t it?

The reason for this is that you are probably not very ready in the 20s to choose what you want to do in the future…

(An important man once told us:

“The most interesting people I’ve ever met have never learned what they want to do in their lives…”

and we thought that we do not like to put labels on ourselves and we simply seek happiness by using any means …)

In 2016, we submitted an application to the NSRF program for Start-up Entrepreneurship. We wasted some time on the application and saw that there really was a gap in the food and processing market and especially in our own mayonnaise category. Without waiting for it, our business plan was accepted and so we found the funding needed to move forward (Ask and you will receive… whoever searches finds….and other such…). So we said to seize the opportunity.

That is what we are, ladies and gentlemen!

Tell us a little bit about the brand. What does he stand for? What purpose did you create it for?
Our brand stands for exactly who we are!
Two young/fresh girls (haha!) with an appetite for new experiences and trials!
So we wanted to project our potential and our appetite for creation!
So this brand is what represents us!

How did you get started? What difficulties did you face?
As we said above, both of us were in a period of change at the time. The NSRF program helped us a lot, but the bureaucracy that accompanies it was something that made it difficult for us.
However, it was not a deterrent and we definitely recommend participation in such programs to those who would like to start something or strengthen their already business, financially.

Tell us about your products. What makes them different?
Our workshop was built with great care and love. Mayonnaise was also building our home but because it has nothing to do with doing it professionally, we worked with a food technologist who helped us stabilize the product and maintain a good quality. Initially, we started with 2 products and within a few months we reached the 8 different products.

We currently produce:

  • classic mayonnaise with 70% sunflower oil
  • light mayonnaise
  • Vegan mayonnaise without egg

and our sauces:

  • Aioli Sauce – garlicky, rich in texture, soft and lemony
  • Cocktail Sauce – delicious and sweet-pitting
  • Fry Sauce – with ground pickles and intense vinegar
  • Mustard Sauce – our wonderful mustard tomatoes
  • Roasted Sauce – our smoker, goes well with chicken


Tell us about raw materials?
As we said before, there is a lot of love for what we do. Of course, the choice of raw materials we use also played an important role. In order to find the first quality raw materials, we did a lot of research. We tried many kinds of sunflower oils and vinegars that are among the basic ingredients of mayonnaise. We wanted to give our prospective customers their best possible choices. Also, the creation of the recipes was quite fun! We tried various spices and ingredients and kept the ones that excited us because we believed that consumers would be infatuated too! For example, Aioli Sauce came out by accident…! We fell something more that we had no intention, the result was amazing, of course we kept it and now it has fanatical fans!

Are there any products of yours that stand out?
Aspa loves cocktail sauce. She likes the sweet taste that she slowly brings out! Nikoleta likes Aioli. Simply because she loves garlic! Of course it all started from our very tasty mayonnaise, which of course we praise all the time!

Give us some suggestions for your products (ways of use except the classics, tips or recipes, etc.)
On our website there are www.delicargo.gr many recipes based on our products!
The one that stands out are the vanilla cookies with our Veganeza!
Awesome idea! We didn’t think it was done.. And yet!
We love to give people new flavors and suggestions! And we will encourage you to try new ideas in your food!

Can Greek producers make a difference in the midst of the crisis?
There are many remarkable efforts of Greek producers. Quality is important to us. We believe that quality product and proper marketing are the keys to growth in every business. Small and large.

Why did you choose to participate in and support wise greece movement?
The fact that wise Greece moves helps people in need is an event that moved us and strongly encouraged us to join the team!
At the same time, the fact that it promotes small Greek producers abroad is something we want, as apart from <<small>> we are also new producers!

Wonderful move by a wonderful team of collaborators!

Good luck Wise Greece!