Mýrtos – Smaker från Grekland – Sweden

The next stop of the action “Wise Stores” is in Northern Europe and specifically the store Mýrtos – Smaker från Grekland in beautiful Sweden. Alexandra Salonikidi has created a really beautiful deli store in Uppsala with the scent of Greece.

Tell us a few words about your store.

Mýrtos – Smaker från Grekland (a taste of Greece) is a small delicatessen store in Uppsala, Sweden. Entering our store you will find a counter with Greek cheeses, olives, sausages, etc. and further down you will see a fridge filled with Greek food. I miss the food I cook at home, the food from Greece so we have focused on Greek flavors. So you will find dishes such as stuffed vegetables, shoes, imam, tourlou, moussaka, etc., which have received great response from customers. We also have shelves and tables with Products of Greek quality. The products are only from small producers from Greece, since we want to offer quality and unique products that you can not find in other stores. So many of the products are for example organic, or from his family businesses or just small productions. We wanted to give a taste of Greece to Sweden!


Why do you support the non-profit Wise Greece Movement? 

We have been working with Wise Greece since the beginning. We opened in 2017 and Wise Greece was by our side in our first steps! Wise Greece provides a wide variety of products and productions that fit perfectly with the philosophy of our store and most importantly it has a great purpose – it helps those in need! Of course we want to be a part of this journey. The products we order are a combination of different categories and it is fun to see how Wise Greece grows and grows and its variety in products and producers but most importantly that it is an important help and support of many people living below the poverty line!