“Rosmarin” – Vienna

The next Wise Store is located in wonderful Austria. Elina Georgosopoulou has created with passion and love the ultimate spot of Greek flavors and aromas in the center of Vienna.

Tell us a few words about your store.

A Greek Delicatessen in the heart of Vienna with a wide variety of traditional and new products, one of the best that Greece has to offer. Very close to the largest shopping street of the city, Mariahilfestrasse, Rosmarin – “Rosemary” in English – chooses products from selected small producers from all over Greece who cultivate their products with respect to the environment and love for quality and local recipes.

The range of products ranges from the well-known Kalamata olives and the pure, extra virgin olive oil to the unusual for the Viennese Kritamos, the tuna of Alonissos or the aged gruyere with savory and red wine. The small but complete cellar of recognized Greek wines is complemented by traditional Greek spirits from small distilleries.

In Rosmarin, the Viennese find ideas for different cooking, pluralism in the menu of their week and a refreshing memory of the summer holidays in Greece.

Why do you support the non-profit Wise Greece Movement?

Rosmarin consciously seeks to be environmentally friendly and recognizes its social responsibility. It recycles, uses environmentally friendly detergents and energy-saving devices.

Our collaboration with Wise Greece aims at supporting small Greek producers and offering help to those in need. The products promoted by Wise Greece fit perfectly into Rosmarin’s philosophy, produced with pure ingredients and respect for the environment. Wise Greece knows us and brings us in touch with many small businesses from all over Greece, which would not otherwise be able to reach us.

Our common goal is to promote abroad all the products that make our country a worthy competitor of the big Mediterranean countries and not only! At the same time, Wise Greece enables us to contribute to the effort to feed the homeless and those in need in Greece, something that would be difficult to undertake from distant Vienna with efficiency and efficiency.

Viennese people have an increased social awareness and respond very positively to our cooperation with Wise Greece (e.g. they ask for information, prefer its products and participate in social responsibility events).

Thank you very much and we look forward to the continuation of our cooperation and “social business”.