1 ton of food supplies arrived at the Center for People with Disabilities “Sotir” in Thessaloniki

Agora Modiano, with a great sense of social responsibility, supports Wise Greece and the Hope Boxes program. Through this strategic collaboration for a good cause, it is estimated that 6 tons of foods will be provided every year to Thessaloniki’s Charitable Foundations that support children, families, the elderly and people with disabilities!

The first Foundation that received 1 ton of essential foods, such as pasta, legumes, flour, jams etc. is the Center for People with Disabilities “Sotir” in Thessaloniki. Food supplies will be distributed to the beneficiaries, in order to support their living independency.

Georgia Dodou marketing manager of Agora Modiano and Melina Taprantzi president of Wise Greece, had the opportunity to visit the Center for People with Disabilities “Sotir”, to know, and discuss with the beneficiaries and trainees, as well as to be informed about their needs. The Foundation supports 15 people with disabilities, who live in the Homes and many more who are supported daily through various activities.