1 ton of food was delivered to Xatzikonsta Foundation

e-fresh.gr implemented the program 0,01€ makes a difference”

For one month it invited consumers to donate one cent for every product they added to their order and then doubled their donations.

In partnership, we donated 1 ton of high nutritional value foods such as pasta, honey, legumes, jams, flour, etc. to the Xatzikonsta Foundation.

The e-fresh.gr team, together with Wise Greece, visited the Xatzikonsta Foundation for the distribution of foods, were toured to the Orphanage’s facilities and informed about the needs and benefits of the beneficiaries.

In total, the Foundation supports 25 minor children who live in the foundation, offering them all the benefits they would have in a home, as well as another 70 children who live with their parents, who are below the poverty line, offering them support and food.

It has child protection programs, supports families in crisis and single-parent families.