2 tons of food for the Municipality of Athens

In cooperation with Domino’s Pizza!

Moments like this, give us joy and optimism for the future! Domino’s Pizza implemented the “0.01€ Makes a difference” social responsibility program, which has been awarded for its innovative concept (see more here).

So, for two months, Domino’s Pizza donated 0.01€ from each order to Wise Greece, with a mission to buy basic food supplies for the Solidarity Center of the Municipality of Athens that supports 26.000 people, with more than 5.000 children…

The program was really successful and we managed to deliver 2 tons of food, like legumes, pasta and flour, olives, sweets, jams and many more! We are very proud that this beautiful collaboration, offered relief to people in need.

Because even 1 cent can make a difference!