250 Hope Boxes arrived at the Foundation “Child’s Nest”

The company TRATA supported Wise Greece’s “Hope Boxes” program as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility program.

Each Hope Box includes 5 kg of basic food supplies, such as honey, legumes, olive oil, etc. which are then donated to charitable institutions who need them. Thus, through this specific program, we achieve a double social mission! On the one hand, the small Greek producers are supported, as we buy the products from them and on the other, the Foundations receive food supplies of high nutritional value.

The company TRATA, with a high sense of social resςponsibility, supported the Hope Boxes program, in order to provide 1.2 tons of food supplies to the “Child’s Nest” Foundation in Thessaloniki. The Foundation supports 76 children every day, while continuing its work uninterruptedly since 1952.