This Easter, The Hellenic Initiative supports the non-profit Initiative Wise Greece!

Our society is called upon to face another crisis, this puts even more burden on vulnerable groups.

This Easter the Hellenic Initiative supports Wise Greece and especially the “Hope Boxes” program!

The Hope Boxes program was initially designed to provide relief from the consequences of COVID-19, as the Hope Boxes which contained essential food supplies, were donated to families and children in need.  Until today, many important Companies and Foundations have supported the Hope Boxes program and we are proud to say that we have managed to donate more than 25 tons of food to people in need!

This Easter we can all make a difference
This year, the Hellenic Initiative will support the Hope Boxes program, through its Easter Appeal!  Each Hope Box includes more than 13 pounds of essential goods, such as pasta, legumes, olive oil, honey etc. that feed a family for a week. Our goal is to feed as many children and families as we can!

The Hope Boxes will be distributed by Wise Greece to our fellow human beings living below the poverty line and specifically to Institutions that offer support and warmth to vulnerable groups.

The Institutions that will receive the Hope Boxes this year are:

The Chatzikiriakeio Foundation for Child Protection, that has been active for 130 years in order to cover the daily needs of girls, whose families are unable to care for them such as housing, accommodation, proper nutrition, education etc.

The Center for Reception and Solidarity of the Municipality of Athens (KYADA) whose purpose is to provide care to its homeless population, to accommodate families who live below the poverty line and to offer them the essentials in order to cope with the difficulties they are facing.

Now, you can also help the Hellenic Initiative support Wise Greece, so that we can buy more Hope Boxes!

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