Allianz delivers Hope Boxes with Wise Greece

Allianz supports the project “Hope Boxes”, aiming to offer relief to people affected by the consequences of COVID-19.

The effects of COVID-19 are perhaps greater than the ones we have thought about. Many of the country’s Charitable Foundations are facing shortages of basic food supplies and as a result the families, children and the elderly depending on them are significantly affected. Thus, Wise Greece designed the Hope Boxes project, with the aim of offering in cooperation with multinational Companies, high quality food supplies to people who need them the most during this difficult period.

Allianz Hellas supports the Hope Boxes project, through it’s Corporate Social Responsibility program. The company will buy a number of Hope Boxes that every one of them contains 6 kilos of basic food supplies. In particular, each box contains legumes, honey, pasta, jams and other essential food supplies, which will be offered with love to people in need.