Wise Greece has been selected for ”Cycling for Democracy” by the Council of Europe

Melina Taprantzi, president and founder of Wise Greece, has been selected for the project “Cycling for Democracy”, organized by the Council of Europe and the World Forum for Democracy.

In 13 short films, each roughly 5 minutes long, Nicolas in search of answers to the environmental challenges of our time, introduces us, from the Council of Europe Assembly Chamber in Strasbourg, to the individuals behind environmental and community-based groups around the world and interviewed them.

He met, therefore, Melina Taprantzi during the recent heatwave and wildfires burning in Greece, the last of a series of crisis faced by this Mediterranean country. As she said in her interview: ‘’A social entrepreneur must be able to adapt to any kind of crisis’’.

Through ‘’Cycling of Democracy’’, Nicolas takes us to the four corners of the globe to discover a host of initiatives, large and small, that aim to promote eco-citizenship, environmental education, legal emancipation of rural populations, participatory democracy, ecology as an instrument of peace and much more.

As we travel to France, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Germany, Italy, Spain, Canada, Israel, Indonesia, Kenya or Brazil, Nicolas asks the question: can democracy save the environment?