Domino’s and Wise Greece deliver Hope Boxes

A joint effort to offer relief to people affected by COVID-19.

A crisis like this one highlights the heroes who live among us. Heroes who will return home when the crisis is over. All of them; Unfortunately not. Because, some of these heroes, yes you have definitely seen them, they have no home to return to. So Domino’s is working with Wise Greece to support people who need us more than ever by donating the Hope Boxes!

Each Hope Box includes 6 kilos of basic goods, such as pasta, legumes, honey, jams etc. which come from the small Greek producers of Wise Greece. The Hope Boxes will be provided to people living under the poverty line, who find it difficult to get basic food supplies from the Soup Kitchens or the Social Groceries on which they depended on until today.

If you want to contribute to this effort, all you have to do is add and donate the amount you want (€0.25, €0.50 or €1) to your next order from Domino’s!