Educational Program “We Give Energy to the Future”

The first cycle of the ” We Give Energy to the Future ” Educational Program by DESFA, in collaboration with Wise Greece and with the support of the Region and the University of Western Macedonia, was successfully completed.

The Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Digital Skills Program took place online with the contribution of experienced trainers, offering not only theoretical but also practical and technical knowledge to adult citizens living, working, or studying in Western Macedonia.

The profile of the participants was 60% female and 40% male, of which 71.3% had never been involved in entrepreneurship.

71.5% belong to the age group of 18-29 years old
28.5% belong to the age group of 30-64 years old

68.8% are students
17.7% are employed
6.5% are entrepreneurs

After the completion of the free Educational Program ” We Give Energy to the Future”, 96% of the participants state that they gained significant knowledge for future professional or entrepreneurial activities, and 98.9% state that they have a better understanding of basic entrepreneurship tools.