Event for Women

An event for the promotion of the female entrepreneurship!

The e-platform Living Postcardswhich promotes abroad the excellent Greek efforts at a gastronomic, hospitality, culture, art and design level, celebratethree years of successful operation with a great event dedicated to women who make the difference, each one in her field.

Thus, important issues have emerged, such as female entrepreneurship, the wealth of the Greek land, the food shortage problem for vulnerable groups, the trafficking, how can you survive from difficult diseases, to get up and move on, how can you inspire young girls to occupy with a traditionally “male” job, such as computer science, how can you design objects that give joy to the most important moments of peoplehow to give inspiration without losing your courage in difficult moments. All these are accomplished by talented women who are not afraid of risk, even when the conditions are really difficult …

Once again, we had the opportunity to present the non-profit Initiative Wise Greece and talk for both our actions and the Social Entrepreneurship, which is still an unknown concept to the general public. We shared our anxieties and our successes, joys and sorrows that we face every day, by trying to help small Greek producers, but especially our fellow citizens who are at risk of poverty.

After the presentation, the attendees had the opportunity to try the exclusive pate of Wise Greece, while they bought the handmade fabric hearts of Coco-Mat for Wise Greece for a good cause, since all the profits will be turned into food and will be donated to Women’s Shelter “Phoebe “.



 * We would like to thank “Volunteer4Greece” for the effective and very helpful volunteer networking, as well as the organization “Boroume” for the contact with the Shelter “Phoebe”.