Nutree for Wise Greece exclusive vegan protein bars

Exclusive Partnership of Wise Greece with NUTREE – Vegan Protein Bars in 3 Flavors

We are very pleased to announce the launch of a new exclusive partnership with the NUTREE family, who have developed an innovative range of protein bars with fruits and vegetables, exclusively to support our Movement.

We invite you to try three unique flavor combinations ( apple and spinach, strawberry and beetroot, peach and carrot ) with high vegetable protein content, ideal for every moment of the day and for young and old alike.

Using pure Greek products, these highly nutritious and tasteful bars were created for the first time, combining high protein value with a delicious blend of fruits and vegetables in an innovative way. At the same time, none of the bars contain allergens, an excellent initiative that truly makes them suitable for everyone.

NUTREE’s handmade energy bars are made from natural raw materials that have not undergone any heat treatment (raw) in order to keep all their nutrients (vitamins, trace elements and minerals) intact. Enjoy them and boost your body with rich natural energy from nuts and dried fruits being the sole source of sweetener. The bars are 100% natural, and suitable for vegans.

Try them, find your favorite and don’t forget the most important thing! With every exclusive bar with the blue Wise Greece logo you choose, you help us to provide basic food items for children and families in need.