Green n Blu creates exclusive products for Wise Greece!

The famous Kalamon Olives, now in four amazing flavors!

The company Green n Blu from the famous region of Messinia, was inspired by the philosophy of the non-profit Initiative Wise Greece and created a product range of Kalamon olives for a good cause, since the profit from the sale of the products is turned into food for the people that live below the poverty line.

In this range we will find favorite Greek flavors such as Kalamon Olives with sun-dried tomatoes and garlic, Olives with 4 Mediterranean herbs, the spicy Olives with sweet red pepper from Florina and the all time classicKalamon Olives with lemon and thyme!

Rich in nutrients, Kalamon black olives are an essential part of the Mediterranean diet, while with these 4 new flavors, they will become the perfect “meze”, the ideal salad supplement or even a healthy daily snack!