INDEAVOR supports the Hope Boxes program

An act of solidarity with an important social impact!

This Easter, INDEAVOR supports the Hope Boxes program. The program was designed to support people in need and to deal with the problem of malnutrition in Greece. And we don’t stop there! Through the Hope Boxes we also support small producers and family-owned businesses in our country (check out more about the Hope Boxes program here).

INDEAVOR, in collaboration with Wise Greece will offer 80 Hope Boxes, each containing 5 kilos of essential food supplies, such as handmade pasta, olive oil, honey, legumes etc. This is equivalent to 400 kilos of high-quality food supplies, which will reach children, families and elderly people in need! Moreover, company’s employees will decide through voting, to which Foundation they want to send each Hope Box!

It is an initiative of solidarity with multiple social impact, proving that together we can make a difference!