Motor Oil supports Wise Greece

An act of solidarity with multiple social impact in the spirit of Christmas.

This Christmas, Motor Oil will offer the Christmas Boxes prepared by Wise Greece. Each Christmas Box was created with the aim to support people in need, during these festive days and reduce the problem of malnutrition in the country. After all, what could be more meaningful than sharing the love with many people? Each Christmas Box includes basic food supplies, such as olive oil, honey, pasta, legumes, handmade jams, etc. which come from the small producers of Wise Greece.

And the best part; The Motor Oil employees themselves, through an internal vote, will decide which Foundations they want to send the Christmas Boxes to, so that everyone can become part of an act of solidarity and giving!

Thus, more than 9 tons of food will reach families in need, through an initiative with multiple social impact, which proves that together we can make a difference.

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