Nektar exclusively for Wise Greece

The new range of exclusive Greek coffees will change the way you drink coffee!

Nektar, a company that produces coffee from 1951, created with love exclusively for the non-profit Initiative Wise Greece, a series of aromatic Greek coffees for a good cause! The traditional flavors are blended with the inspiration from today, to create Greek strong coffees with the exquisite blend and the aromatic aftertaste that every sip leaves…

The series contains the classic flavors Mastiha from Chios Island and Rose-Mastiha, the modern Apple-Cinnamon, the traditional Cardamom coffee, the wintery Chestnut and fresh aromatic Bergamot!

Try them and do not forget that with every sip you enjoy, you help us provide even more food to people in need. Learn more and support the non-profit Initiative!