New Exclusive Wise Greece products

Products from Sparta with love!

One more collaboration for a good cause comes to life! The company “Sparta Goods Eolia” from the famous Sparta, inspired by Greek fruits and nuts as well as today’s eating habits, created an exclusive product line for the non profit Initiative Wise Greece!

The new series consists of 3 energy bars and a sesame bar, which is a famous Greek delicacy. You can find the energy bar with orange and cinnamon, the energy bar with cherries and pistachios from Aegina Island, the chocolate energy bar with raisins, and the sesame bar with raw cocoa and tahini.

And the most important fact is that with every Eolia for Wise Greece energy bar that you enjoy in your everyday life, you are helping us offer even more meals to people that live below the poverty line. Learn more and support the Wise Greece Initiative!