Participation in the World Human Forum

Organized for the first time in Delphi with a great success!

World Human Forum, took place in Delphi with a mission to focus on humans again. Focusing only on social-economic and political aspects is not sufficient. We need to think, act and lead differently, ethically and humanly. We have to foster fundamental human values such as altruism, empathy and cooperation to help us re-invent the way we live with ourselves, others and nature. Under this perspective, the World Human Forum, invited people from various parts of the world to contribute their knowledge and experience in shaping this new institution.

Wise Greece participated in this conference, while simultaneously offered the opportunity to the guests to try the delicacies of the small Greek producers that support the Initiative. Among the events of the weekend were cooking with our products from the Social Kitchen “The other man” that provides free meals to people in need, while the participants left holding a goodbye gift with a selection of our products.