Simply Greek and Amvrosia Gourmet create exclusive products for Wise Greece!

Simply Greek and Amvrosia Gourmet, known for their handmade products, collaborate and create a new range of products with… love, exclusively for Wise Greece!
Simply Greek and Amvrosia Gourmet have been in the food production & sales area for a long time, creating fine products that have been awarded for their taste in Greece and abroad. Most of their products are innovative and combine natural ingredients in an original way, always with fresh materials and a lot of personal care.

Wise Greece is a non profit organization, that promotes Greek products, places them in various stores and uses all the profits from their sales to buy food for children and homeless in great need. It’s an organization with a double cause, since the Greek diet is promoted worldwide while at the same time, the nutritional needs of our fellow citizens are covered!
The new product range Simply Greek and Amvrosia created is inspired by Wise Greece cause but also from the Greek traditional recipes…. which were “sealed” in a jar!

The result?
The famous Greek dish “Stuffed tomatoes” became a sauce for rusks or appetizers, the famous “Greek salad” became a sauce for meat or pasta, while the Greek “tsipouro” met fresh tomatoes to create an amazing sauce called “Stin igia mas” (cheers!).
In the same range you can also try the “Mousaka” flavored pate from smoked eggplants and feta cheese, the “Tomato-Plum” sauce that goes ideally with stew and meat, the all time favorite “bougiourdi” flavor (Spicy Pepper Pate) from red peppers, tomatoes, feta cheese which is slightly spicy, but also a collection of olive bruschettas with sundried tomato or basil and garlic!


Do you need more flavors?
Try our new entries… Tomato-Citrus-Cinnamon, ideal for pork and stews, Tomato-Soft Cheese-Thyme which is great with pasta or meatballs and Sweet Sour Sauce for rice or chicken!

A multi awarded product range!
Our exclusive product line has received many prestigious taste awards!

  • Specifically Greek Salad sauce, Spicy Pepper Pate, Sweet and Sour sauce and Tomato-Mastic-Mint spread received Great Taste Awards!
  • Spicy Salt and Oriental Salt received Great Taste Awards!
  • Tomato-Soft cheese-Thyme sauce, Sweet and Sour sauce and Tomato-Citrus-Cinnamon sauce received Olymp Taste Awards!

A new journey through flavor has just begun for a good cause! Since with every product that you buy, you help Wise Greece to cover the basic food needs for children and homeless!