Social Entrepreneurship Summit –SES in Azerbaijan!

The Social Entrepreneurship Summit –SES took place in Baku, Azerbaijan (16-19 November 2021).

It is organised by NAYORA, “National Assembly of Youth Organizations of the Republic of Azerbaijan, which was founded in 1995. Since its creation, the number of members has reached to more than 110.

The Social Entrepreneurship Summit –SES– brings together academics, students, business leaders, government officials and social entrepreneurs from all over the world such as Bulgaria, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina to co-create solutions to the most challenging issues of our society. This summit aims at gathering all different actors to foster the collaboration among themselves and to intensify the hands-off support to social entrepreneurs.

Melina Taprantzi, founder and president of Wise Greece, participated as a speaker at the Social Entrepreneurship Summit –SES, presenting the successful model of Wise Greece and her innovative ideas.