Specialist Award 2023 Nektar for Wise Greece

Specialist Awards is a prestigious quality competition for Greek standardized products held in Greece. Its main objective is to highlight and elevate the finest Greek products.

Nektar has created an exclusive range of aromatic Greek coffees for the non-profit movement, Wise Greece.

Unique flavors like chestnut, bergamot, cardamom, meet traditional Greek coffee to create the most tempting blend. Some of these aromatic coffees have already been honored with awards.

We’ve achieved yet another triumph! This time, our traditional Greek coffee with mastic and rose has been recognized with the Specialist Award 2023.

Experienced and specialized taste experts and professionals from diverse fields have formed the evaluation panels of the Specialist Awards at the Specialist Awards Gourmet Exhibition.

One of the judges’ comments about our Greek coffee with mastic and rose was: “An intriguing combination. You feel all the flavors. Not an overpowering coffee. A product I would definitely purchase and repurchase in other equally delightful varieties. A highly successful endeavor for a new type of Greek coffee, showcasing excellent balance. It pairs remarkably well with desserts on restaurant menus. Innovative. Targeting an audience that doesn’t typically consume Greek coffee. Opening new markets. An exceptional product with delightful flavor and aftertaste. Captivating.”