Strategic partnership between Wise Greece and Agora Modiano

This October, Agora Modiano becomes the living landmark of Thessaloniki, as was inaugurated by its founder, Eli Modiano, in 1922 and continued today by the Fais Group. 100 years later, the reopening of Agora Modiano marks the creation of a new culinary scene in Thessaloniki! Products from all over the world and unique flavors will be available under one roof, in a space which respects its history, but has eyes to the future.

Wise Greece is one of the seven initiatives worldwide, which in 2020 were awarded by the United Nations and the World Bank for their social work. For almost a decade, it has been promoting the products of small Greek producers and with the profit from their sale offers hundreds of tons of food to Foundations in the country that are in great need. In October, the second “Wise Greece” store in a row will be launched in Agora Modiano, a deli store from 100 Greek small producers and indeed for a good cause, since essential food supplies will be offered to Foundations in Northern Greece that mainly support families, children, the disabled and the elderly.

At the same time, Wise Greece will be the Strategic Partner for Social Responsibility of the Agora Modiano with the aim of maximizing the social impact! Specifically, Agora Modiano will support two important programs of Wise Greece: the “Hope Boxes” program, through which it is estimated that more than 6 tons of food will be offered each year to people in need and the “Wise Learning” program, which will offer a rich educational content for adults and children, around sustainability, food waste, the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet, entrepreneurship and much more.

The Marketing & Communications Director Hospitality and Gastronomy of the Fais Group, Georgia Dodou, said: “It is our great pleasure to have Wise Greece at the Modiano Market, with whom we share a common vision for a different world, through the development of sustainable practices and ethical choices. In harmony with the principles of the Fais Group, with its launching, Agora Modiano puts the stamp of social responsibility on its operation and aims to leave a stronger impact on the society of Thessaloniki and beyond every year. Our desire is to work decisively and to join forces both now and in the future.”


The President of Wise Greece Melina Taprantzi said:
“Wise Greece could not be absent from this important project for Thessaloniki, where, based on sustainability and social contribution, an important strategic partnership was built with Agora Modiano. We are particularly happy, that we share common values ​​and aim to maximize our social impact in Northern Greece”.