The Hellenic Initiative Australia offered 500 Hope Boxes at the Ark of the World

The Hellenic Initiative Australia stands by Wise Greece, maximizing its social impact, through the Hope Boxes project.

Focusing on relieving and supporting vulnerable social groups, 3 tons of food were distributed to the ‘’Ark of the World’’.

The Charitable Nonprofit Organization, which it is founded in 1998 by Father Antonios Papanikolaou, constitutes a big family to more than 580 children all over Greece, providing them accommodation, clothing, food, education, psychological, legal support and medical care. The demand of food supplies is essential, taking into consideration that only the day center in Athens serves everyday meals to 400 children.

The 500 Hope Boxes were included extra virgin olive oil, pasta, honey, etc. and were offered equally to the child protection houses in Athens, Epirus (Konitsa-Pogoniani), Chios and Kalamata.

A gesture of hope for a significant social cause!