The “Producer’s Corner” in Kipseli Market

The first Social Entrepreneurship Market in Greece!

A new, non-profit cooperation model by the municipality of Athens, and the administrator of Impact Hub Athens, has already begun to operate in the Kipseli Municipal Market. In one of the most populated, multicultural and historical areas of Athens, the Market will become a point of connection between the locals and will be a point of social inclusion, co-operation and co-creation!

In Kipseli, the first social entrepreneurship Market in Greece will be created, an innovative model,  where 8 social enterprises will create their own space and offer goods and services with a social impact.

Wise Greece is one of the 8 social enterprises that will have a space in the Municipal Market, with the “Producer’s Corner”! Consumers will have the opportunity to find products from all over Greece, directly from the small producers that support the non-profit Initiative, while the profit from the sales of the products will be converted into essential food for the people that live below the poverty line.

Our goal is to create a meeting point for new products, a venue for events, tasting nights and social activities! We will create a space where consumers will be able to meet the producers and learn important information about the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet. They will learn about the varieties of honey or olive oil and at the same time they will discover the hidden treasures that our country produces. The “Producer’s Corner” will be a place where the consumers will visit for their everyday shopping, but at the same time they will learn the history behind each product and will help us offer more meals to people in need.

Time to get to know each other! We are waiting for you…