Training for our team

Two of the members of Wise Greece had the opportunity to be educated in Germany and the US.

Continuous learning is very important for everyone, while keeping up to date with the new trends and dealing with different cultures can radically change the way someone sees things. Our members, Melina and George, invited by the American and German Embassies respectively, had the opportunity to learn about the new trends in both social entrepreneurship and the food sector.

Melina, invited by the US Embassy, ​​represented Greece and participated in the YTILI Young Transatlantic Innovation Leaders Initiative. During the last part of this Fellowship, she visited Austin Texas to get a firsthand idea of the city’s booming food industry, as well as Washington DC with 50 young leaders from all over Europe!

At the same time, George, invited by the German Embassy, ​​visited Berlin and represented Greece in the program “Tradition meets innovation”. During the program, he had the opportunity to visit many factories specializing in various sectors, discovering how small producers innovate in Germany. The interesting thing is that the producers combine the traditional way of making products with technological innovation in all fields, from food to fashion and from art to craft production.