A Social Green Project – Press Event

The free training program Vamvakies: A Social Green Project is an initiative of Enel Green Power and Wise Greece, in collaboration with CluBE and the Municipality of Kozani.

This is a series of modern seminars, which will be conducted by experienced instructors of Wise Greece and will be done either live or online, depending on the instructions of the government.

The participants will be provided with the necessary tools, knowledge and networks in order to engage in agri-food entrepreneurship. Topics range from business empowerment, developing a successful business plan to digital marketing and searching for networks and financial tools.

The ultimate goal of this program is the creation of the first series of agricultural products through a photovoltaic park! Vamvakies: A Social Green Project is an innovative educational program held for the first time in Greece. A cooperation that will have multiple social, economic and environmental results for the prefecture of Kozani and beyond.

The Press Event of the program took place on Wednesday, December 1, 2021:

The Mayor of Kozani, Lazaros Maloutas, underlined that “We claim to remain an Energy Center in the new period, and for this reason we positively welcome investments in RES, which contribute to the sustainable development of the local community and economy. In this regard, we support pioneering actions, such as the Vamvakies a Social Green Project. »

Aristotelis Handavas, Head of Europe Enel Green Power and President of SolarPower Europe, said:

”The construction of the new photovoltaic project of the company in Mavrodendri, with a total installed capacity of 70 MW, the largest of our portfolio in Greece, will accelerate the de-ligation of the area, while the Vamvakies a Social Green Project training program will significantly contribute to the fair transition “.

For her part, Melina Taprantzi, founder of Wise Greece, said “We are excited that in collaboration with Enel Green Power and the support of local agencies we are implementing the Vamvakies a Social Green Project, an innovative training program that will help its residents Prefecture to deal with agri-food entrepreneurship, thus contributing themselves to the necessary change of the productive model of the region “.

Finally, Katerina Tsepoura, CluBE Assistant Administrator, explained that “The Vamvakies a Social Green Project training program is an ideal example of public-private partnership.”