We celebrate the International Family Day

The International Family Day was established in 1993 by a decision of the UN General Assembly and is celebrated every year on the 15th of May. This annual celebration reflects the importance that the international community attaches to the family as a fundamental cell of society.

The contribution of Wise Greece

The social purpose of Wise Greece is dual: on the one hand, it helps the small Greek producers with family-owned businesses to grow, promote and sell their products in order for them to run a financially sustainable business and to keep their families close to the place where they grew up.  On the other hand, Wise Greece manages to offer food supplies of high nutritional value to Social Groceries, Soup Kitchens, Shelters for refugee families and Orphanages.

Social Groceries and Soup Kitchens support families and help them live with dignity, while Wise Greece provides the most essential commodity: high quality nutritious food.

In addition, Wise Greece also supports Orphanages by constantly providing food supplies so that the children never feel that they are missing something, but also so that they can grow by consuming food of high nutritional value, which is an important ally for their health. We should also mention that many children who live in Shelters or Orphanages visit their families on the weekends, who cannot afford to support them on a daily basis. These families are often given food supplies, through the Foundations, from the donations we make, so that the children have the opportunity to spend quality time with their parents.

Sending food and love!
In the last month we managed to offer 14 tons of food supplies to 10 Foundations in 5 cities of Greece, such as the Chatzikyriakeio Foundation, the Orphanage of Volos, the Hatzikonsta Foundation, the Social Grocery of Kalamaria, the Social Welfare Center of Epirus and many more.

Legumes, pasta, extra virgin olive oil, jams, flour, sauces and other products reached the beneficiaries of the Foundations, while several of the donations were supported by the companies we collaborate with such as Shell and e-fresh.gr who supported the “€0.01 makes a difference” program, as well as Convert Group and Indeavor who supported the Hope Boxes program.