Wise Greece at the 1st Women On Top Career Fair

Wise Greece at the 1st Women On Top Career Fair

On Saturday 18/02/2023, Wise Greece participated with great pleasure, in the 1st Women On Top Career Fair, held at The Ellinikon Experience Centre.

The 1st WoT Career Fair was an excellent opportunity for women interested in working with companies. Companies that invest significantly in the development of female human resources and potential in the workplace.

During the Career Fair, participants had the chance to be extensively informed on equality at work and on women’s empowerment. Career coaches and mentors shared not only their working experiences but also valuable advices. While at the end all the companies conducted interviews with the candidates who participated in the event.

Wise Greece, committed to the issue of women’s empowerment and equality in the workplace, participated with its own Interview Station.

We met strong women with a variety of working experiences, professional goals, dreams and values ​​behind them. We acknowledged the passion and the will for new beginnings. But also the readiness to overcome any obstacle and the powerful female potential.

Our contribution

In this context, Wise Greece implements educational programs regarding the achievement of Gender Equality. The Global Goal #5 of the Sustainable Development Goals. These educational programs constitute an essential support for women, promoting the elimination of gender discrimination.

Additionally, for its contribution to the empowerment of women and their economic independence, Wise Greece was honored in 2022 with the World of Difference Award by the International Alliance of Women.

Wise Greece for 10 years now supports more than 100 small Greek producers of which 60% are female company owners. 75% of the employees of Wise Greece are women, while 65% of the beneficiaries of the entrepreneurship training programs that Wise Greece implements are women. It is even worth mentioning that only in 2021 the organization provided free educational seminars to more than 1.080 women from all over Greece. These women were interested in becoming entrepreneurs in the food sector, with 80% of them stating that after the training they were more ready to make this step.

The urgent need for the gender discrimination to be eliminated, is the motivation needed for Wise Greece, in order to contribute in every way possible to this cause. For women to be represented equally and to be given the opportunities for their economic development.