Wise Greece at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg!

Melina Taprantzi, president and founder of Wise Greece participated in the World Forum For Democracy at the Council of Europe, in order to discuss on the topic “Save the planet, making a living: Green Entrepreneurship”.

For a long time, the primary mission of any entrepreneur was to make a profit. However, in light of ever-growing environmental challenges, some entrepreneurs are attempting to shift from this traditional economic model and place environmental and social responsibility at the core of their initiatives.

But what does it take to create a thriving business model that generates benefits both for people and for the planet? What are the risks and challenges that green entrepreneurs still face? What can governments and the corporate sector learn from the green entrepreneurship approach?

Melina Taprantzi answered those crucial questions, presenting the non-profit Initiative Wise Greece, as a successful model that offers economic and social sustainability. Among Wise Greece, other innovative initiatives participated too.

Through the discussion “Save the planet, making a living: Green Entrepreneurship”, it was proved once again that small and large enterprises that aim to promote eco-citizenship, environmental education and participatory democracy, can contribute to a more sustainable planet.