Wise Greece at ZAON’s annual event

The role of sports in society becomes even more important today, that our society is facing an institutional and economical crisis, but mainly a crisis of values.
In this context, ZAON Kifissia (a famous Greek Athletic Association) showed the socially sensitive and caring “face” of sports, by giving the chance to the nonprofit organization Wise Greece to present its work and purpose, during their annual event!

Wise Greece selects the best Greek products and manages through their sales, to raise significant amounts to buy food for children, homeless and elderly in need. As a result, the values of Greek nutrition are introduced in a global scale, while at the same time an important social work is done in order to help unprivileged people.
Wise Greece participated in ZAON’s event and gave the opportunity to the guests to buy custom made gift bags, filled with greek delicacies! The profits of the sales returned to the Association in the form of food, which was donated to children in need!

Watch the video from the event here