Wise Greece won the World of Difference Award 2022!

This year, Wise Greece was honored with the World of Difference Award by the International Alliance for Women, which based in Washington.

The Organization that was founded 42 years ago by women and for women, works to improve the living conditions of women in every corner of the earth. The basic goal of the International Alliance for Women is to contribute to the creation of an “inclusive economy”, where women will be represented equally and will be given opportunities for their economic development.

The World of Difference Awards are given every year to initiatives from all over the world, which contribute every day to the empowerment of women and in particular to their financial independence. Wise Greece for 10 years now supports more than 100 small Greek producers of which 60% are female company owners. 75% of the employees of Wise Greece are women, while 65% of the beneficiaries of the entrepreneurship training programs that Wise Greece implements are women. It is even worth mentioning that only in 2021 the organization provided free educational seminars to more than 1.080 women from all over Greece, who were interested in becoming entrepreneurs in the food sector, with 80% of them stating that after the training they were more ready to make this step.

At the award ceremony, which was held in Washington DC, the President of the International Alliance for Women, Mrs. Donna Meredith said “We are well aware that we are in the time when the world is restarting and women will be called to face the new challenges that will be in front of them. Initiatives that support the economic empowerment of women are today more necessary than ever.”

The President of Wise Greece, Ms. Melina Taprantzi said “It is an honor for us to bring this important Award to our country, especially at a time when difficult problems emerge every day and women need to face them. The economic empowerment of women is a one-way street and all of us at Wise Greece are particularly happy, that from the first day of our operation we aimed to economically empower women in every corner of Greece”.