Wise Greece Xmas Event for a good cause!

On Sunday 21/12, Wise Greece set up in the heart of Halandri, an event with special flavors, products from every corner of Greece, a lot of fun and Christmas music, with a single purpose: to gather profits from the sales of Wise Greece products in order to buy food for the “Social Grocery” of Halandri Municipality.

Thus, many of the producers that support Wise Greece, with friends and volunteers worked together to help us promote the products and our non profit cause. With lots of fun and with great mood, we passed the message of friendship and solidarity, while all our profits will be “converted” into food and will be donated to the “Social Grocery”.

We want to thank the producers of “Simply Greek“, of “Golden Oriole” and “211” that helped us during those festive days, to organize the event! Also, the wonderful volunteers of AIESEC Greece, the company Audio Theasis who delivered the Christmas music, the non profit organization Boroume that brought us in contact with the Social Grocery of Halandri and the Pastry Shop Gekas that gave us the necessary equipment for the event.

And don’t forget … Everything is better if we try together!