Wise Home Cooking with Carolina

Chef Carolina Doriti creates recipes with Wise Greece products for a good cause!

A new series of cooking recipes comes from the hands of the talented Carolina Doritis, who is inspired by Wise Greece products and creates easy, fast and smart recipes!

Carolina, having studies in Art and a brilliant career in Museums, decided to give up everything and follow her true passion: cooking! Since then she has worked as a Chef, Gastronomy Consultant, Journalist and Researcher of Greek cuisine.

Today, from the warmth of her home, she creates a series of “wise” recipes, which are based on Greek cuisine and take off with the use of products with the blue brand Wise Greece! The main feature of recipes? They are easy, very fast, require few materials, but they are also very creative!

The recipes will be shown on video on all wise greece social media, while they will also be in writing on our blog.

Stay tuned!