Zepos & Giannopoulos Law Firm supports the Hope Boxes program

An act of solidarity with an important social impact!

Zepos & Giannopoulos, a Greek Law Firm with a great sense of social responsibility, supports Wise Greece.

The Hope Boxes program was designed by Wise Greece, in order to tackle the problem of malnutrition in the country and to provide support to people in need.

Zepos & Giannopoulos, a Greek Law Firm in collaboration with Wise Grece will offer 220 Hope Boxes, which are 1,1 ton of basic food supplies, to 2 Foundations. Each Hope Box includes 5 kg of basic foods, such as honey, olive oil, handmade pasta, jam, legumes etc.,

Every product is produced by the small Greek producers who are part of the Wise Greece family. As a result, a dual benefit is achieved, not only by providing people in need with food supplies, but also by financially supporting the small producers.

It is an initiative of solidarity with multiple social impact, proving that together we can make a difference!