Hope Boxes Program

Hope Boxes Program

The Hope Boxes program was initially designed to provide relief from the consequences of COVID-19 by covering the humanitarian needs that the virus has created.

All the Hope Boxes include essential food supplies, which are produced from our small producers and are distributed to people who live under the poverty line.

Important Companies and Foundations have implemented the Hope Boxes program, contributing to a dual social mission. On the one hand, financial relief is provided to the farmers and small family-owned businesses who are part of the Wise Greece family, in order to continue their work despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic.
On the other hand, there is an immediate impact on the Soup Kitchens, NGO’s, Social Groceries and Orphanages, as they receive the donated food supplies.

Through the Hope Boxes program we have achieved to distribute more than 49,5 tons of food to thousands of families and children in need!

The supporters of the Hope Boxes program: