Chrisomelo Floral Honey with Almonds


Honey with almonds! An original idea from Chrisomelo!

Bees in the spring collect the nectar from various in-season flowers and create the familiar to all of us floral honey! White almonds were added in this excellent honey and the combination of these two products gave us a remarkably delicious result! You can easily use it on your yogurt or eat it as a spoon sweet!

Undoubtedly recommended for cooking and pastry enthusiasts. This combination of honey and almonds can be easily used in various recipes, such as fresh gourmet salads and a lot of desserts.

The Floral Honey originates from Plati Messinias, while the almonds are produced from the Greeks of Eretria.

Chrisomelo is a Greek company in Plati, Messinias. It produces and standardizes different varieties of honey, while it creates new unique products, always based on honey, in order to offer new tasty delights to consumers!

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