ENA ENA Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic PGI Olympia


This prized gem of handpicked Koroneiki variety olives from our finest organic olive groves stands out for its vivid golden green color, balanced floral aromas and herbal flavor with a mild peppery finish that will travel you to the untouched environment of its origin.

The company Ena Ena, guarantees high quality products, which are organically cultivated to maintain ideal growing conditions throughout the year, thus sustaining the longevity of the trees and the microclimate of each region.  

Enjoy it and don’t forget that with every product with a Wise Greece sticker that you buy, you help us provide more meals to people in need. Learn more and support the non-profit Initiative.

Available in 100ml, 250ml, 500ml and 750ml glass bottles and in 3lt carton.