Salt Odyssey Salt with Mediterranean herbs


One of the most special and multi-awarded salts, the 100% natural Messolonghi salt with Mediterranean herbs (OLYMP 2020 Silver, Great Taste 2020 1-Star). It is an excellent mixture of salt, tomato, red pepper, rosemary and oregano. The rich flavor invites you to try it on raw tomato and country salad, grilled meats, poultry and fish. It is also ideal for marinating.

SALT ODYSSEY’s natural Messolonghi salt is undoubtedly one of the most awarded, healthy and rich salts in the world. Using traditional techniques they create the right seasoning for every dish.

Try it and don’t forget the most important thing… With every product of the blue Wise Greece label you choose, you help us provide basic food to people who need it. Learn more and support the non-profit Movement here!