Wise Greece Exclusive Citrus & Cinnamon Sauce


The citrus met cinnamon and tomato in a totally tasty and refreshing sauce! It’s basic ingredients are tangerine juice, sanguine juice and orange zest that match perfectly with onion and tomato. You can combine it with pork in a pot, beef in a pot or even chicken to the pan. Enjoy it with pasta, bruschetta or as a dip with bread sticks.

This product has been created by Simply Greek exclusively for Wise Greece, in order to include the favorite flavors of Greece in a jar…! Learn more here.

The best part is that with every Wise Greece product that you use in your daily cooking, you help us provide one more meal for homeless and children in need. Learn more and support our non-profit Initiative!

*The Citrus & Cinnamon Sauce gain for its taste and texture, the prestigious Olymp Taste Award!